1. Nitro:
  2. Durham Black Katt
  3. Nitro:
  4. Great Lakes Pompous Ass
    (Pale Ale)
  5. Nitro:
  6. Dieu du Ciel! Aphrodesiaque
    (Cocoa Vanilla stout)
  7. Halcyon Infinity Mirror
    (Brett IPA)
  8. Henderson Ides of June: Radler
  9. Barnstormer Memphis Belle
    (Belgian Golden ale)
  10. Big Rig Ypur Last Saio
    (Farmhouse Ale)
  11. Oast House Black Sow'r
    (Kettle Soured Stout)
  12. Black Bellows White
  13. Wellington Helles
    (Helles Lager)
  14. Cowbell Absent Landlord Country Kolsch
    (Golden Ale)
  15. Black Oak Pale Ale
    (Pale Ale)
  1. Steam Whistle Pilsner
  2. Neustadt Springs 10W30
    (Brown Ale)
  3. Great Lakes Miami Weisse
    (American Pale Wheat)
  4. Granite Best Bitter
    (English Bitter)
  5. Redline Peel Out
    (Double/Imperial IPA)
  6. Forked River Hop Salad
    (American Pale Ale)
  7. Muddy York Storm Glass
    (American IPA)
  8. Cider:
  9. County Cider Waupoos Ginger Each
    (Apple Cider w/Ginger and Peach)
  10. Cider:
  11. West Avenue Rhubarb Sour
    (Wild fermented apple Cides w/Rhubarb)
  12. Cider:
  13. Revel Spirit of the Woods
    (Apple Cider w/Gin Botanicals, Vanilla, and Citrus)
  14. Cider:
  15. Revel Apfelgose
    (Apple Cider w/Sea Salt and Coriander9)
  16. Cider:
  17. Sulker's Super Dry
    (Apple Cider)
  18. cask:
  19. Muskoka Grapefruit Detour
    (American IPA w/Grapefruit)...

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