1. Nitro:
  2. Barnstormer Dead Stick Stout
    (Milk Stout)...
  3. Nitro:
  4. Forked River Full City
    (Coffee Porter)
  5. Nitro:
  6. Dieu Du Ciel! Peche Mortel
    (Imperial Espresso Stout)
  7. Henderson IDES OF MARCH
    (Saison w/Chocolate and Spice)
  8. Barnstormer BUZZ ALDRIN
    (Sour Ale)
  9. Bellwoods Jelly King
    (Dry-Hopped Sour)
  10. Folly Flemish Cap
    (BOld World Saison)
  11. Exchange Belgian Stout
    (Belgian Stout)
  12. Bench Stone Road
  13. Oast House Eisbock
  14. Silversmith Hill 145
    (Rye Golden Ale)
  15. Folly Dovercourt Pale Ale
    (American Pale Ale)
  1. Rainhard Unfiltered Pilsner
  2. Black Bellows Brown
    (Belgian Brown Ale)
  3. Muddy York Diving Horse
    (American Pale Ale)
  4. Muddy York Major Small Best Bitter
    (English Bitter)
  5. High Road Bronan Vermont Style IPA
    (American IPA)
  6. Blood Brothers Shumei
    (American IPA)
  7. Rainhard Kapow!
    (American IPA)
  8. West Avenue Barret Fuller's Secret
    (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Apple Cider)
  9. Small Talk Vineyards Shiny Apple Pinot
    (Apple Cider w/Pinot Noir)
  10. KW Cider KW Kran
    (cranberry apple cider)
  11. Duxbury Tilted Barn
    (Dry-Hopped Apple Cider)
  12. Ernest Dry Cider (Apple Cider)
  13. cask:
  14. Muddy York Stork Derby Sout

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