1. Nitro:
  2. Junction Craft Stationmaster's Stout
    (Dry Stout)
  3. Nitro:
  4. Dieu du Ciel! Aphrodesiaque
    (Cocoa Vanilla Stout)
  5. Nitro:
  6. Dieu du Ciel! Péché Mortel
    (Stout Imperiale Au Café)
  7. Belgh Brassee Mons Abbey Blonde
    (Belgian Golden Ale)
  8. Sawdust City SÄGEMEHL STADT
  9. Forked River Hansel and Brett'el
    (Farmhouse Blonde Aged in Chardonnay Wine Barrels)
  10. Muddy York Porter
  11. Halo Event Horizon
    (Stout with Sarsaparilla)
  12. Beau's FeBREWary: Blood Simple
    (Cacao Blood Orange Witbier )
  13. Woodhouse Lager
    (Vienna Lager)
  14. Beau's Lug Tread LAgered Ale
    (Golden Ale)
  15. Black Oak Pale Ale
    (Pale Ale)
  1. Collingwood Rockwell Czech Pilsner
  2. Neustadt Springs 10W30
    (Brown Ale)
  3. Beau's FeBREWary: Iron Shirt
    (Oak-aged Vidal Pale Ale)
  4. St. Mary Axe Canadian Best Bitter
    (Special Pale Ale)
  5. Redline Rainbow in the Dark
    (Rye IPA)
  6. Exchange IPA
    (American IPA)
  7. Rainhard KAPOW!
    (American IPA)
  8. Cider:
  9. West Avenue Bizarre Love
    (Barrel Aged Apple/Sour Cherry Cider)
  10. Cider:
  11. Revel Liquid Gold
    (apple cider)
  12. Cider:
  13. Coffin Ridge Forbidden Chai Spice
    (Spiced Apple Cider)
  14. Cider:
  15. Revel Hop X
    (Hopped Apple Cider)
  16. Cider:
  17. West Avenue Heritage Dry
    (Apple Cider)
  18. cask:
  19. Granite IPA
    (India Pale Ale)

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